Dean T. Walsh

About This Project

Dean T. Walsh is a business consultant specializing in organization design. He’s worked with some very large brands, including NASA, Pepsi, Hewlett Packard, Bank of America, and more. Quite an impressive resume! When it comes to organizational design, Dean really knows his stuff!

I must admit, this project was a little unusual for me. Simplicity is a concept I wholeheartedly embrace when it comes to web design, but Dean wanted an extremely simple and minimalistic site. No bells and whistles at all.

What we built is the most minimal website I’ve ever built, and one of the most minimalistic I’ve ever seen. It’s completely unique, and the whole site serves as a metaphor for the importance of simple & clearheaded thinking when it comes to organizational design. More importantly, it’s a reflection of who Dean is, which was the entire point of the project.


“There are a lot of agencies that claim to “do” web design. In fact, selecting a designer can be a bit overwhelming. It took me weeks to go from looking at online portfolios, to selecting vendors for proposals, to ultimately working with Josh. And I couldn’t be more pleased with either the process or the outcome. You’ll discover in your first conversation that he not only knows what he’s doing, but more importantly he understands the client’s many challenges. That combination makes for a successful and rewarding project.”

Dean T. Walsh
Business Organizational Consultant

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