Motoride Tours Web Design Project Motoride Tours Web Design Project Motoride Tours Web Design Project
About This Project

Motoride is a start-up travel company specializing in off road motorcycling. I had worked with founder John Ciribassi on a previous web design project, and I was excited when he asked me if I was interested in building the site for him. Designing a site to appeal to the motorcycle niche was an exciting challenge.

John’s vision for the company is really great. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast I’d encourage you to check out the various tour options that are available.

Overall I’m really happy with how this site turned out.


“I have worked with Josh on two major projects. A web site for our veterinary professional association and, more recently, the web site for a new business, Motoride Tours. Motoride is a motorcycle tour business and the web site needed to promote, educate and allow purchasing of tours. Josh took the time to find out about us, the business, and our vision for it. He then took this information and made it a reality. More importantly, he was there for the follow through. Managing the things that either needed to be tweaked after the site went live or to help us learn how to operate the site. While many web developers can give you product, Josh delivers and does not walk away when that product is delivered. ”

John Ciribassi
Founder of Motoride

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