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About This Project

Yoder-Bontrager Insurance has been in business since 1954, but they never had a nice website. I was excited at the opportunity to turn insurance into something interesting. Most insurance websites feel overly bland and corporate, and my goal for the Yoder-Bontrager site was to create something warm and vibrant.

What sets Yoder-Bontrager Insurance apart as a business is their focus on relationships and the way they take care of their clients. I wanted to demonstrate this through the design of the site in subtle ways by using great images and modern design elements. The final product is an inviting, youthful website that is very different from most other insurance websites.


“From the beginning, Josh took great care to listen to us and learn what we wanted out of our website. We wanted a website that didn’t look like every other insurance agency’s site; one that was creative and interactive, and that’s exactly what we got! Josh took the time to teach us how to use the various options available to us on our new website in order to enhance the value to our agency. His patience, promptness, and straightforward communication have made him a pleasure to work with. We couldn’t be happier with the end result!”

– Emily Manchester

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