Maconachy Stradley Insurance

About This Project

Maconachy Stradley Insurance had a very old website and was in need of a fresh start. Specializing in risk management, they are very responsive to the needs of their customers, and serve as thought leaders in the commercial insurance industry. It was important to demonstrate these ideas on their website.

Because Maconachy Stradley focuses on relationship building (they have the kind of insurance reps that will answer your call at 3:00am) one major goal of the site was to portray both professionalism and personality. They are experts, but also care about their customers on a personal level.


“Becoming a partner in my business, I knew that we needed to update our website.  I completed an extensive search of local website designers and decided that Josh was the best fit.  He never missed a deadline, and incorporated everything that I wanted into the website.

It has been six months since its completion, and he continues to support me with updates that need to be made and answers all of my questions promptly.  I would have spent considerable more money going with a large advertising firm, but I am confident that I got a better product and better service by using Josh.  I strongly recommend Josh to anyone in need of an upgraded website.”

– Drew Maconachy – (Partner at Maconachy Stradley Insurance)

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