Optimal Health Institute of Ohio

Optimal Health Institute of Ohio Website Project Optimal Health Institute of Ohio Website Project Optimal Health Institute of Ohio Website Project
About This Project

The Optimal Health Institute of Ohio is a different kind of healthcare provider. They have an alternative, holistic, and patient centric approach to treating patients that makes them unique. In addition, Dr. Nancy is a very eccentric, dedicated and talented Doctor.

I wanted visitors to be able to feel the difference they make in the lives of their patients through the design of their website. The combination of carefully selected images, custom graphics & icons, and modern typography help to get this point across. I’m very happy about how this site turned out!

Also, I just wanted to give a special shout out to the staff at Optimal Health Institute – you guys are great!


“Josh Miller is a true talent with website development, design, and knowledge on maximizing SEO content. My new website design and content was delivered on schedule and with the latest style.

Over 50% of my new patient visits were referred from the web. That was not the case with my previous website designed by a “plug and post” company.

In addition, Josh was extremely considerate of my schedule. He quickly and efficiently implements any necessary changes. He has the capacity to listen and analyze my needs into the product desired.

I appreciate his talent!”

– Dr. Nancy Fazekas Grub, MD – (Founder of Optimal Health Institute of Ohio)

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