Teledata Business Web Design Project Teledata Business Web Design Project Teledata Business Web Design Project
About This Project

Teledata Inc had a really outdated website that needed to be redone following a transfer of ownership. I helped them rebrand their logo and we wanted the website to have a modern technologically advanced look, and simultaneously have a very friendly feel.

We also wanted to highlight the employees of the company and show that Teledata is a fun place to work that doesn’t take itself too seriously. In that regard, I think we hit the bullseye.

Overall, the Teledata website is a huge improvement from it’s predecessor, and is a good example of how the design of a website can help portray the values of a company.


“My son and I purchased a small company in 2018 and Josh helped us rebrand with a new logo and website. Josh took the time to understand what we do which helped him create our new logo first, and then our website. He has a great mix of technical and creative skills. We are attempting to foster a different culture within our company and our website depicts that culture as well as clearly defines what we do. We have been really pleased with his work – good work Josh!”

Wes Miller
President of Teledata Inc.

Website Design

Mobile/Responsive Design